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Tour of East Pole Culture-Dongji Island

      Dongji Isles, also named as Zhongjieshan Isles, is the remote islands in our marginal sea, which almost kisses to the mare liberum. It is consisted of 28 islands and 108 reefs. Dongji possesses beautiful sea, in which there are Shiban fish, Hutou fish and weever so on appearing everywhere, as well as many famous and ferine seashells of Zhoushan can be extremely easy to obtain. The marvels in normal people’s eyes have not only brilliant and romantic island scenery, but also god-given peaceful environment out of city’s blatancy. Time brings a great change to the Island. To date, Dongji, taken government and investors’ elaborate effort, has been developed as a great tourist recreation with characteristics of mountain landscapes, fisherman’s life and especially sea angling so on, attracting more and more tourists all over the world.

      Dongji Island in Putuo District, with an area of 11.7 square kilometers, greets the first rays of the sun. When the sun first rises here, Dongji China’s easternmost island shows up different aspect of its nature, either magnificent or charming, indignant or composed. The fishmen, full of vigor and enthusiasm, are casting nets in the sea; the women, dreaming of bright future, are weaving nets in the stone lanes. The island inhabitants express there love and feelings of the sea through folk arts: each painting, telling the story of fishing and daily island life, is colorful, semi-abstract and full of imagination.

Dongji Island Dongji Island Dongji Island Dongji Island

dongji island



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